Specializing in fully customized bathrooms, kitchens, home additions and repairs, at Renovate ILM, we passionately believe that home renovations shouldn’t be difficult. We always stick to the budget and help our clients uncover the most cost-effective solutions. No matter the size of the project, we promise to be done within a reasonable timeframe and exceed your expectations.


  • Bathroom Renovations

    Your bathroom isn’t just a place to relax in peace and privacy. It’s also important for helping to determine your home’s resale value. We can help you determine a functional design that fits your needs and budget.

  • Kitchen Renovation

    Dreaming of new kitchen cabinets or looking for a completely elevated experience? We can custom tailor every detail of your kitchen to suit your needs and make your vision a reality.

  • General Renovations

    Homes may change as they age, and over time, things become outdated, and possibly break down until they’re unsafe. Lean on our experienced home renovation team when you need us.

  • Full Home Renovations

    Whether it’s an investment property, or a house with good bones that you are looking to transform into your dream home, our team at Geer Renovations can help design, manage, and build all aspects of your project.

  • Additions

    Is your family growing? Or are you looking to create some more storage space? No matter the case, we can help plan and build a home addition that meets your needs and budget.

  • General Restorations

    With a little bit of work, you can’t restore that fixer-upper to its full potential

  • Repairs and Remodeling

    When you find your home in a state of disrepair due to age or weather, the last thing you need is to be desperately hunting for home improvement contractors. We’re here to help

  • Foundation, Crawlspace and Siding Repair

    Your home’s foundation is, as the name implies, the structure that your house is built on top of. Sometimes, due to age or weather, it can become cracked or unstable

  • Decks, Pergolas and More!

    No matter your home renovation project needs, we’re committed to excellence and provide an open line of communication, every step of the way.